The band next bounced onto the stage was Commando noise terror. This band is the solo project from Guido Wyss (drummer from Enigmatic-the band which performed in last year Silence festival). I had never thought in my life that drum solo can be that atmospheric too .And the use of double pedal with the chaotic track was simply awesome. This could probably be one of the best drumming solo I have ever heard. Basically, he included all the musical genre in drumming whether it be classical, jazz or electronic .The speed, intensity and pure energy of him made whole audience absolutely astounding.,

The first international act for the day was Commando Noise Terror, a solo project of Guido Wyss, drummer of Swiss brutal death metal band Enigmatik (/Near Death Condition, another killer death metal band), who had headlined the first edition of the festival last year. Finally, most of the audiences were on foot. He displayed his diverse talent in drumming, pummeling the kit in front of the tracks being played, which ranged from electronica to ambient flutes and jazzy metal to western classical. For the set, a different set of drums was employed and the guy had destroyed the skins, literally. The crowd cheered at him time and again, while he was exhibiting a very technical and creative side of extreme metal drumming. His set lasted for around half an hour and ended with a drum cover of Deicide’s “Scars of the Crucifix”, minus the vocals. He also did one on an eastern classical track (Anil Dhital – Kutumba collaboration, you remember?). Great set which took the gig on the next level!
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